More Thoughts on the Last Wave?

As author of “The Last Wave?” much to my chagrin I discovered two books which predict a future Armageddon of sorts much different from my own highly predicted future war or major economic upheaval and at about the same year of 2018.

The first of the two books, “The Prophecies: A Journey to the end of time” by Craig Crawford, makes the prediction from a very religiously inspired Biblical prophecy (found on page 94 of his book).  If you analyze the writings on that page of the book about midway in the page where it says,

“However, “this generation” which mocks God an His laws will someday soon know ” the power of His anger…”

These statements are predicated on the Biblical scripture Psalms 90:10-11:

“The days of our lives are seventy years, and, if by reason of strength they are seventy years…who knows the power of Your anger?”

Here the pronoun refers to God in this Old Testament scripture.  If the time of 80 years is added to the beginning date of the Jewish state of Israel, 1948, you get the 2018 as the prophetical date by this book as the possible coming of the great Apocalypse…or Armageddon.

This just happens to coincide with my highly probable date of 2018 or so on page 38, in section 2.

Another book makes a similar yet even more vague prediction of a coming major evolutionary upheaval in the next 20 years or so. This book, “The Last Ape Standing” by Chip Walter, makes this future prophetic suggestion from a more scientific evolutionary standpoint.

The fact that these two authors having made such predictions from entirely different standpoints is most earthshaking to me and should also be to anyone who reads my book.


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